Little black heels
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Little black heels

Shoe earrings

I’ve made a range of fun earrings – check out the pics below and contact me in case you’re interested in any of these. You can also buy my products online on Etsy and on my Webstore.   Advertisements

Quinea fowl earrings and Noritaka Tatehana

Just found these Noritaka Tatehana shoes on the web. I’ve been making these quinea fowl feather earring  for a while and I thought they were a perfect match! I love using these feathers in my earrings as every single pair is 100% unique and they have the coolest print on them – naturally! They’re also … Continue reading

Dishcloth in a roll

Eco dishcloths

It’s been a while, I know. I’ve been extremely busy at work and now, between jobs 🙂 This means that I’ve actually had time to do something again! I’ve made a bunch of eco dishcloths out of natural white and light beige organic cotton. I’ve been a skeptic when it comes to handmade dishcloths because … Continue reading

Earrings in a box

Earrings in a box

Just wanted to give you a quick hint of what’s in store. I’ve created fun little boxes for the accessories. They are black and white except for the interior that has a kind of tapestry inside and a light line inside on which you can hang the earrings for show. These boxes are also great … Continue reading

Earrings with bow - featured


This evening I made a bunch new earrings out of the cutest pearls I found today. I will just list them out and tell you a few words of each as there are plenty of pics to add 🙂 These first earrings look like fresh berries. There are three different sizes of red painted wooden … Continue reading

Egyptian necklace

Egyptian necklace

I found a very special metal pendant that was so perfect it didn’t need anything else than a black leather string to make it an interesting, exotic necklace. I call it an Egyptian Necklace since it somehow makes me think of the egyptian bug.. scarab I think it’s called. (I know it’s probably not, but … Continue reading

Candy earrings

Earrings like candy #2

I couldn’t help myself. These earrings are lovely! The have 4 smaller “candy pearls” and one larger in the middle. The metal parts are nickel free. As the pearls are plastic, these earrings don’t weigh much and look delicious. If marshmallows were accessories, they’d look like this, I think 🙂

Ear candy

Earrings like candy

I found these pale pink and white pearls just yesterday and they are like memories straight from my childhood. The stripes are hip and the colours soft and pretty. These earrings will a fun little addition to any clothing 🙂 The metal I’ve used does not contain nickel.

Polka earrings - close-up

Polka earrings

I love these earrings! I just can’t help it but there’s just something magical about the combination of white and red that I just cannot resist. The pearls are plastic and the hoop itself is metal with no nickel in it.

Snowflake necklace - featured

Snowflake necklace

This necklace is a true Scandinavian necklace with the snowflake motif. I’ve crocheted the lace myself and added small light blue plastic pearls at the top of each cusp. The string is light blue mocha string.